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By G. Halek

Continued from Part I.

Flop houses. In New Hampshire, it gets cold. It gets cold and stays cold for a long time. If you’re poor and you don’t have a place to sleep, chances are good you’ll end up finding floor space in a flop house.

This is where homeless people who can’t get into the shelters go. There’s plenty struggling with addiction. Plenty addicted to heroin.

When it’s 6ºF and the weatherman says it feels like -12ºF with wind chill, you need to sleep inside. Anything close to or above freezing will work. The closer to 32ºF or greater, the better.

Heroin addicts can’t use in the shelters… Or if they’re caught, they’re tossed out. Same goes for alcohol. The problem is that for those who aren’t using, they either can wait around for a space to open or they have to take their chances elsewhere.

When the vet told me this, I instantly understood how a guy who wasn’t using could end up sleeping next to people who were.

In either case, he learned to keep his gun on him. He’s had people try to rummage through his belongings. He even had one situation where a guy was threatening to kill another guy …Read the Rest

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