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By G. Halek

I work with a local Veteran’s group and we often do activities like get warm jackets and food to the local veteran’s homeless shelter. This shelter is located in Manchester and works specifically with just homeless vets.

Right now, the temperature in New Hampshire hovers around single digits. Good food, calories, and warm clothing aren’t just pleasantries — they’re survival. Many of the veterans in this shelter don’t have vehicles and depend upon local transportation to get to the VA Hospital and work.

While interacting with one guy out in the community, I noticed he carried a gun in his waistband. That’s nothing new in New Hampshire but it did give me pause. Here he was, a guy who barely had anything to his name, and he kept a gun.

I’m also a concealed carrier so I asked him about his gun.

The first thing he blurted out was that he wasn’t a felon and he had a right to carry guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

“Whoa, not a problem. I’m a concealed carrier, too. Just curious why you carry.”

Turns out, before he found out about the vets homeless shelter in Manchester, he was on his own. New Hampshire is a tough place to be …Read the Rest

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