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By Brandon Curtis

By Nick Leghorn via The Truth About Guns

Since its introduction, the Armatix IP1 “smart gun” has gotten oceans of free publicity from hopeful media mavens and gun control advocates, proclaiming the era of personalized firearmsis finally upon us. Armatix’s advent has been the cause of much consternation from the guncontrol crowd, baffled as to why “smart guns” aren’t yet available commercially (click here for an in-depth analysis of that question). Back in April . . .

Armatix announced, once again, that it would be releasing their vaporware IP1 “smart gun” to the market next year. Some time. But for real. This time. We’d tried to plunk down the cash the last time the IP1 was supposedly available, trying to get our hands on one. We wanted to see what it would take to break it, to determine if it was reliable and secure enough to bet your life on should things go bad.

Thanks to an article from WIRED it looks like one security researcher has done the legwork …Read the Rest

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