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By Jacki Billings

The Apollo Pro by Armasight comes in five models to accommodate various missions. (Photo: FLIR)
Armasight, falling under the FLIR umbrella, announced a new set of thermal weapon sights introducing the Apollo Pro thermal clip-on series.
Available in five different models, the Armasight by FLIR Apollo Pro touts a rugged, solid-state, uncooled, long wave infrared 1x clip-on thermal imaging device. The device is designed to mount in front of a variable magnification day sight on a precision rifle or tactical platform, although it can be used as a stand alone thermal weapon sight or handheld monocular.
Thermal image from the device (Photo: FLIR)
Incorporating an integral compass and inclinometer for enhanced target ranging, the Apollo Pro is powered by FLIR TAU-2 technology. The system is offered in 336 by 256 and 640 by 512 pixel formats with professional grade 50mm or 100mm Germanium objective lenses. The 640-by-512 format device provides a tracking electronic zoom function that progressively increases from 1x to 2x to 4x and 8x without changing the point of aim.
The Apollo Pro utilizes a multi-pin connector to provide video-out/video-in capability in addition to an external power supply. An optional laser range finder, external battery pack, multispectral laser and other accessories designed to mount


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