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By Ammoland

NOVA Armory
Arlington County VA Continues Harassment of NOVA Armory
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( Looks like Arlington County is trying to play hardball with NOVA Armory, and are using stealth to do so!

The Arlington Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development is planning to review NOVA Armory’s Certificate of Occupancy and could potentially revoke or modify it!

Why do I say this is being done by stealth? Because NEITHER NOVA Armory, NOR the landlord, were notified of this hearing!!! The only reason they even found out about it THIS MORNING was because a concerned neighbor brought it to their attention.

Somehow the Planning Department managed to get a notice out to the all the neighboring stores in the area, but not to anyone who would be directly affected.

It couldn’t be anything to do with NOVA Armory announcing its lawsuit against some Delegates, Senators, and others who conspired to destroy the business back on April 25th? The notices for the hearing are dated, wait for it, wait for it, April 28th! How’s that for a coincidence?

This is unbelievable, unprofessional, and hopefully illegal, as the Planning Department didn’t bother notifying the target of …Read the Rest

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