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Last week, House Bill 1249, the employee campus carry bill introduced by state Representative Charlie Collins, was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Unfortunately, the following day, Senator Hutchinson offered a similar hostile amendment on the Senate floor which was adopted. With the addition of excessive training mandates for employees, the patchwork of prohibited places and the significant criminal penalties they carry, NRA does not support HB 1249. Subsequently, Senator Trent Garner, the Senate sponsor of HB 1249, introduced an amendment to create an “enhanced” permit system. This would allow those who acquire this new endorsement on their permit to carry on public college and university campuses. Unfortunately, the Garner amendment maintains the excessive 16 hour training requirement and a patchwork of prohibited places in addition to setting an arbitrary campus carry age limit of 25. Without prior notice, the Garner amendment was adopted today in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and still contains the excessive training requirement and arbitrary campus carry age limit of 25. As amended by the Senate Judiciary Committee, NRA does not support HB 1249.
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