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By Tom Knighton

Arkansas managed to jack up their constitutional carry law to the point that no one really knows what the hell it means. As previously noted, a lawmaker wanted to pass a resolution to explain the intent of the law.

Now, that bill has hit a bit of a roadblock while in committee.

An attempt to seek clarity on the legality of carrying firearms without a permit in Arkansas ended with confusion and no action in a House committee Thursday morning.

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee attempted to adopt a resolution that Arkansas is a “constitutional carry” state where citizens can carry firearms, either concealed or in the open, without any permit.

The debate over constitutional — or permitless — carry in Arkansas has led to divided opinions among prosecutors, Gov. Asa Hutchinson and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. Rutledge and Hutchinson, both attorneys, have said they believe gun owners are allowed to carry their weapons without permits.

The resolution considered Wednesday would not carry any legal weight, a point Democrats quickly jumped on.

“We are not judges,” said House Minority Leader Charles Blake, D-Little Rock. “We are sent here to make law, to pass law, to put up ideas that …Read the Rest

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