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By Tom Knighton

Arkansas ranks among states that have constitutional carry laws on the books. However, it’s something of a mess. It seems people aren’t sure what’s legal and what isn’t.

Now, a state lawmaker is seeking clarification.

Confusion among gun owners in Arkansas led one legislator to file a House resolution asking for clarity.

State Rep. Brandt Smith, R-Jonesboro, filed HR1013 asking members of the Arkansas House to acknowledge Arkansas as a constitutional carry state that does not require a permit to carry concealed or openly.

“I personally have let my concealed carry permit expire,” Smith said. “I don’t plan on getting another one.”

Smith says an Arkansas Senate colleague will push a similar resolution in that chamber should this one pass.

Now, clarification is a good thing, but I’m not entirely sure that will solve the problem. If the law is unclear, it may make enforcement uneven regardless of what the legislature does regarding resolutions. It seems to me it would make more sense to pass a law that clearly articulates what’s covered and what isn’t.

That said, clarification does at least give prosecutors some guidance in what the law was intended to mean. While it may not make a hill of beans to them, …Read the Rest

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