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By Dean Weingarten

Arkansas: Justified Homicides Not Counted in Little Rock

Arizona -( Those who want a disarmed population make much of the few hundred homicides officially designated as such by the FBI.

In the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), about 300 homicides are reported as justified by private (non-police) actors in the United States each year.

There has been considerable research to show the FBI number only catches about 20 percent of actual justified homicides.

A report out of Little Rock Arkansas illustrates part of the problem. The Little Rock Police Department has not been reporting justifiable homicides separately.

They have included them with murders and non-negligent homicides. They recently made the decision to report them separately.


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Police in Little Rock have redefined what types of killings are included in the city’s homicide total in a move that will lower the annual tally that’s recorded.

Lt. Michael Ford tells the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that justifiable homicides will no longer be included in the broader tally.

The police told the Democrat-Gazette the reason to change the reporting was to follow the FBI UCR reporting guidelines. The Little Rock Police will now report some justified homicides that were …Read the Rest

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