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By Vanessa Torres

Kansas Firearms Deer Hunting Season to Open Soon
Arkansas: How was your deer shooting last deer season?
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

Arkansas -( How was your shooting last season?

Maybe it wasn’t entirely to your liking.

Several options are open to you in this rapidly approaching modern gun season looking at you, according to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

First, and the one recommended by most any experienced hunter is to take yourself and your rifle out to a firing range and put in some practice time. Don’t do it once. Do it several times. Make an investment in time and in ammunition.

If you did miss a shot at a deer, there are a few things to focus on before taking that next shot, according to AGFC Hunter Education Coordinator Joe Huggins. “I would suggest that picking a good shot and not just hurrying your shot helps immensely. Try not to shoot at running deer, pick good angles on deer to shoot and make sure you have a clear shot at the deer by not taking a shot through brush,” Huggins explained. “Identify your target. If a good opportunity does not present itself let the deer walk to …Read the Rest

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