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By Tom Knighton

Arizona state Senate candidate Bobby Wilson understands the importance of the Second Amendment more than most. He’s one of the 2.5 million people every year who has used a gun in self-defense. Only, instead of just displaying a gun and scaring off the attacker like most, he actually had to fire his weapon.

The fact that his attacker was his own mother makes the whole story even more sensational.

Wilson recently brought this up and has shocked the gun control community in Arizona.

Bobby Wilson, who is running to represent a southern district, told the Associated Press that he’s not trying to hide anything. He says his mother was insane and shot at him with a rifle when he was in bed in their Oklahoma farmhouse one night in 1963. He then shot and killed her. Wilson’s sister also died that night, and the house caught on fire.

“I’m lucky to be alive, twice over,” Wilson said.

Wilson wrote about these events in his 2010 book, “Bobby’s Trials,” and mentions them on his website biography. But they caught public interest when he appeared at a Moms Demand Action forum in Tucson this month. Wilson told the crowd he was “living proof” that …Read the Rest

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