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By James England

If you got your concealed carry permit in a state that has a mandatory training requirement, you already know the potentially intense boredom that comes from sitting in a classroom for several hours waiting to get some range time.

There are people who have never fired a single shot in their life and most introductory courses are made to take those people to a basic limited level of proficiency and confidence. You may not have been in that pool when you took the class. And for a lot of concealed carriers with prior experience with firearms, these classes may not offer a lot in terms of entertainment value.

Unfortunately, this can lead a lot of gun owners to believe they’re too good for training. After all, if you already think you know how to handle a gun safely and can hit the broad side of a barn at 10 yards, you’re obviously ready to take on a blood-thirsty pirate zombie in real life. Right?

The problem is a belief. That belief is that you, the everyday concealed carrier, has nothing to gain from a training course. And there’s also an issue of time, money, and commitment.

But you’re still carrying concealed, aren’t you?

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