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By James England via

Man-portable concealed carry detection devices are being designed by a team of Canadian and Ukrainian scientists for a recently funded U.N. project. The goal is to interrogate potential threats for firearms and other concealed weapons on their person without their permission. The CBC reported on the developments known as radar detection technology . . .

In a three-year project that launches this month, Natalia Nikolova, an electrical and computer engineering professor, will be working with researchers from Canada and Ukraine to design devices that use radar signals to analyze the materials carried by a person.

Previous prototypes of man-portable radar detection devices have only had a range of around 10 feet (about 3 meters). The U.N.’s goal is to develop a system that can detect a concealed firearm or weapon on a person from 50 feet away (15 meters).

The team of scientists assigned to this project are slated to begin next month. The project is expected to last three years. Current design has the detection device placed on a military vest or tripod.

The privacy concerns caused by many detection devices are minimal in this case, Natalia Nikolova, an electrical and computer engineering …read more

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