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By Chris Eger

With good deals on collectible guns seemingly dried up,  we look into what, if anything, is out there that is still obtainable for the average collector.
To get some insight into that, we spoke with our own Mark Sims, our senior firearms buyer who spends time crisscrossing the country to find gems in the raw in the above video. While the days of $39 Mosins, $99 SKS rifles and $250 Colt Pythons are long gone, there are still deals to be had if you know where to look.
Below is more detail into what is still around at prices that you won’t have to get a second mortgage to obtain.
WWII-era Combat Handgun Designs
With Civil War-era revolvers and Great War period handguns taking up the top shelf in many collections, increasingly the focus is turning to the pistols of World War II. In the 1950s, surplus Lugers and Nambus were sold via mail-order in shootable condition for as little as $49. Today, while Lugers are still out there, by all means, they start well north of $1K.
However, without having to spend Luger money, budding collectors can still bring home a wartime Walther P-38 for a good deal less.
A staple of the


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