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By Noah Alkinburgh

You finally built or bought your first AR – or maybe it’s your 4th or 50th – but you really want to improve your shooting with it. Maybe you’ve decided to start hunting or competitive shooting, but you suddenly realize that the Mil-Spec trigger in your rifle just doesn’t work well. What do you do now? You could mess with replacing springs or trying to polish parts, but that doesn’t always work out. So, maybe it’s time to bypass all the fuss and go with a drop-in AR trigger.
What is a drop in?
Before we look at specific triggers let talk a little bit about what a drop in trigger is. If you built your AR you know what a pain it is building out a fire control group. Pins, springs, hammers, stirrups and a near 100 percent guarantee you will curse more than once trying to get it all assembled. The drop in trigger takes all of the hassle out of the equation.
The name basically explains it. All of those tiny pieces are assembled already in a cartridge and you just drop it in. It’s really that simple. As an added bonus, the pre-assembled triggers typically have fewer failures due


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