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By Jake Challand

DeKalb, Illinois – Welcome back to the AR-15 Podcast! Reed Snyder and J.D. host episode 175 of the show. This week, the cast and crew are proud to bring the great AR15 Podcast listeners another great interview, and they welcome Jeremy from Silencer Shop. In addition to the interview, they discuss some proposed legislation. It is an unfortunate reality for enthusiasts that when bad people, do bad things, it often results in bad legislation. Make your voices heard and participate in the political process.

Jeremy gives us a little detail about how Silencer Shop got started and what makes it unique in the space. And of course, the discussion naturally turns to form ATF 41F and what it means for the industry. The discussion begins wide at a general level–what is the public reaction? Those in the market for a suppressor may surprised at the changes. How does the change impact you as a consumer? But then the conversation shifts to what it means for the suppressor industry in general and then even to what it means for Silencer Shop in particular.

The AR-15 Podcast encourages listener feedback. So write into the hosts if there is something you’d like …Read the Rest

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