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By Jake Challand

DeKalb, Illinois – Reed Snyder, J.D., and the AR-15 Podcast‘s newest addition, Chris, return for episode 174 of the show. This week’s topic is one for the prepared, the pessimist, or the paranoid among us. The question is, what to do when the “revolution” comes? This of course is the reason the Second Amendment exists, but realistically covers a variety of scenarios like natural disasters and civil unrest.

The guys cover a range of considerations starting with the what. Besides the obvious answer of storing an emergency firearm, other considerations materialize. For instance, which tools will you need to keep your firearm running? How much ammunition for the scenario? Do you store parts of firearms or just go with fully assembled? Next, they get into the mechanics of the storage with where and how. What’s the best container to keep the elements and other contaminants out? Where should that container go? Finally, they get to the why. Some of it is tongue-in-cheek. Some serious. Some is only a matter of time.

The AR-15 Podcast encourages listener feedback. So write into the hosts if there is something you’d like to hear more about, write in with show topic suggestions.

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