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By Jake Challand

DeKalb, Illinois – Stacy Nagey of Primary Weapon Systems joins Reed Snyder, J.D., and J.W. Ramp for episode 157 of the AR-15 Podcast to discuss the MK1, Mod 2 platform! PWS’s new rifle offering has barrell ranges from just over 7 inches for the short barrelled rifle crowd, to the full 18 inches of a standard rifle. One of the first and most notable features is a more streamline handguard from the original MK1. But aside from giving the rifle a sleeker look and better handling profile, the handguard upgrades reduce the overall weight of the rifle. Several other weight saving features were added, including a new muzzle brake. The new line features a forged receiver set as a trunnion set that is anchored to the receiver. It’s notable as well that this platform from PWS is a piston driven system.

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