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By Jake Challand

DeKalb, Illinois – Anthony Hardy returns from hiatus to join Reed Snyder, J.W. Ramp, and J.D. for episode 148 of the AR-15 Podcast. This week, the panel discusses the horrific and tragic events that transpired in Paris where at least 130 people were murdered by covert operatives, most of whom were gunned down in a concert hall.

We open with the panel’s thoughts on the situation and how they apply to the situation in general. They start with some musings on what armament could be useful should a personal defense weapon be inadequate. What are the options for a trunk rifle? What are the considerations? Obviously theft is an issue and by extension, cost. What are some of the more cost effective platforms and manufacturers. What type of accessories do you want for a “get home’ situation?

Hand-in-hand with the concept of theft and cost, the panel discusses another major concern–how to secure the firearm in your vehicle. There are several options ranging from simple cable rigs, all the way to specialized compartments or containers that can be added to your vehicle.

This is also the last show before the drawing for the Thanksgiving giveaway. Be sure to …Read the Rest

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