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By Jake Challand

DeKalb, Illinois – Reed and J.W. Ramp are back for the next episode of the AR-15 Podcast. Episode 146 of the show is a discussion of discrete carry for your AR style rifle. The first question is why to conceal. What are the reasons and environments where rifle concealment is preferred? Perhaps you are sensitive to political sensitivities, or perhaps you seek to avoid theft, or maybe you just want to be left alone or wish to avoid SWAT’ing. Whatever the case, there are options.

One of the primary questions is how you plan to carry. Will you carry the rifle broken down or fully assembled? The second question is whether you plan to be low profile or if you plan to flat out deceive would-be thieves or nosey individuals? Check out the show notes for several fantastic options for some discreet carry. The guys came up with items that range from benign and nondescript, to athletic bag trickery.

Other concerns covered are potential reasons for car carry for a rifle, traveling to less than friendly state concerns, and accessibility.

If there’s something you’d like to hear more about, write in with show topic suggestions.

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