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By Jake Challand

DeKalb, Illinois – This week’s edition of the AR-15 Podcast is a full show. Reed Snyder, J.W. Ramp, and Anthony Hardy are all back together again for Episode 122. They are proud to bring you an interview with Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells, Inc.!

Pete takes us way back to 1939 for a little insight into Brownells’ transformation from a one man gunsmith shop in a garage to the industry leader it is today. Brownells, in addition to a variety of related products, is the largest provider of gun parts from bullets to barrels in the world. Reed and Pete talk about the growth of the firearm industry and its widespread popularity, speculating that the massive number of GIs returning from the European and Japanese battlefields of WWII. Combine the estimated 35% of the US’s male population now familiar with firearms, and the stockpiles left after the war, and you have rapid advancement in the professionalization of gunsmithing, firearm techniques, and supplier support from companies like Brownells.

Additionally, Pete and Reed talk about the changing face of gunsmithing. Pete notes that the change in tolerances due to advanced manufacturing techniques is changing the technique, skills, and mentality of gunsmithing.

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