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By Tom Knighton

The great thing about preemption is that it means there’s not some patchwork of laws all over the state. It means that if you do something that’s legal in one part of the state, then travel to another part of the state, you’re still golden. Believe me, that matters.

However, local governments and government authorities often try to find ways to claim that the preemption laws don’t actually apply to them. They want to create new gun control rules and screw the state.

In Michigan, an arena authority that thought they could do that was just slapped down for their efforts.

Last week, a three judge panel for the Michigan Court of Appeals issued a ruling in MOC & MGO v. CAA & SMG (the Grand Rapids arena authority). In the opinion, the court affirmed that the authority is preempted local unit of government subject to MCL 123.1101 et seq. as held in CADL v. MOC.


If you recall, in 2016, members of MOC and MGO were asked to disarm or leave a women’s expo in Grand Rapids at which the groups had leased a booth. The groups tried in vein to speak with management, whom only dug their heels in, …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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