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By Tom Knighton

If you’re 18-years-old in this country, you can do damn near anything you want. You can get married, enlist in the military, buy a car, get a credit card, take on debt, just about anything and all without asking a parent’s permission. After all, at 18, you’re an adult.

One thing you can’t do, however, is purchase a handgun.

A while back, a lawsuit was filed in an effort to overturn that back in October of last year.

The federal district court ruled against them, but the plaintiffs aren’t giving up.

Two University of Virginia students plan to appeal after the dismissal of their lawsuit against the U.S. government that claimed a federal law restricting sales of handguns to people younger than 21 is unconstitutional.

The lawsuit, filed in October 2018 on behalf of then-20-year old Tanner Hirschfeld and then-18-year-old Natalia Marshall, asked the Western District Court of Virginia to declare the gun act unconstitutional and to stop enforcement of handgun and ammunition age restrictions.

Last week, Senior U.S. District Judge Glen E. Conrad ruled that the plaintiffs’ Second Amendment rights weren’t violated by a 1968 law that makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase …Read the Rest

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