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By Patrick Roberts

The Apex FN 509 trigger is a must-have enhancement.

U.S.A.-( I know what you are thinking, we already reviewed the FN 509 Apex flat trigger on Ammoland. So why are we reviewing it again? This time we have the production Apex FN 509 trigger, not a prototype. Normally we don’t review prototypes here, but we believed that to be the final version. Mea Culpa.

It is no secret that I believe the FN 509 Tactical to be the best pistol to hit the market in the last decade, if not longer. The only improvement that I felt it might need is a flat faced trigger to reduce the trigger reach as much as possible.

I personally prefer the trigger reach on striker pistols to be as short as possible without sacrificing too much surface area on the grip. Why? more surface area on the grip means more hand in contact with the pistol and likely better recoil control.

Installing the Apex FN 509 Trigger

The install process can be tricky if you don’t follow the instructions exactly. Some have had issues removing the locking block pin and others have cracked their frames entirely. That said, I have …Read the Rest

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