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By Lee Williams

by Lee WilliamsThe worst domestic violence I have ever seen involved a woman whose husband was out on bond for blinding their son with a baseball bat. He had struck the child so viciously he lost his eyesight. The woman had a temporary protection order against her husband, and a court date for another hearing. She never made the second hearing.I was a rookie cop when I first met her. I was sent to an unknown call for the police. As I and my partner were walking up the stairs to the woman’s second-floor apartment, we noticed the coppery smell of blood. The door to her apartment was wide open. She was laying on the living room floor, clad only in a pair of blood-soaked panties. She looked as if she’d been dipped in a vat of blood. Unfortunately, her husband was no longer there.Her apartment was awash in blood. It looked like one of Dante’s circles of hell. Her husband had slashed her more than 30 times on her arms, torso, breasts, neck and face. Her wounds were not deep, thankfully. She wasn’t bleeding profusely; it was more of an oozing since she had nearly bled out. She was

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