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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gun organizations will try anything to change public opinion on guns. They normally enjoy a boost in the wake of a mass shooting, but when emotions settle down, people recognize that the solutions being put forth by groups like Giffords and its cohorts aren’t going to have the impact these groups claim.

So what’s left for an anti-gun group to do? Do whatever you can to keep emotions riled up.

Statues depicting people terrified by gun violence represent the latest effort by a gun-control group and its allies to win support for their cause, according to reports.

The statues, created with 3-D printers, are to be “strategically placed in 10 notoriously pro-gun rights districts,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported, while paired with demonstrations led by student organizers.

We’re proud to announce #TheLastLockdown — coming to 10 districts across the US.

Teaming up with @ChangeTheRef, @schoolwalkoutUS & @50milesmore, student leaders will debut 3D-printed statues this Saturday and stand for visible action against gun violence.

— Giffords (@GiffordsCourage) September 13, 2018

The targeted locations are in Parkland, Fla.; Las Vegas; Denver; Minneapolis; Irvine, Calif., Milwaukee; Houston; Sarasota, Fla.; Spokane, Wash.; and Philadelphia, …Read the Rest

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