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By Tom Knighton

While Maryland doesn’t quite have the reputation of New Jersey, California, New York, or Massachusetts, that doesn’t mean it’s close to a Georgia, Arizona, or Texas when it comes to guns. They don’t like ’em, and they’ve made that pretty clear.

However, it looks like the gun debate may soon be heating up in the state legislature as a new bill seeks to arm church parishioners.

People attending services in a house of worship in Maryland will have the option to carry a firearm for self defense, should bills sponsored by two Harford County legislators pass in Annapolis next year.

The legislation, which was announced Tuesday during a press conference at the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Southern Precinct in Edgewood, is called the Parishioner Protection Act of 2018.

“Can you think of anything more egregious than being in the house of the Lord and someone coming in with ill intent?” asked Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler, who said he asked local legislators to pursue a legislative fix in Annapolis.

He said his agency has fielded inquiries from people in the local faith community about how to protect themselves if a shooting happens in their house of worship.

Gahler cited the massacre of 26 parishioners in …Read the Rest

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