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By Don McDougall

Concealed Carry Success
Anti-Gun Left is not Capable of Understanding H.R.38 (Reciprocal Carry)

U.S.A.-( Shaneen Allen obtained her concealed carry permit at the advice of a family member. She works two jobs and late at night, told local media that she was robbed twice last year before she decided to start carrying a gun.

When she was stopped for a minor traffic violation while passing through New Jersey, she without question and willing informed the officer that she held a permit and was carrying a firearm in her vehicle. Three-year minimum mandatory sentence in State Prison; Christie pardoned her, and the next N.J. Governor would not have.

Mistakes like this happen every day, and States like New Jersey that want to hurt and punish gun owners for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights are the reason H.R. 38 exists.

The anti-gun left openly fear hordes of redneck gun owners (to them: white uneducated, racists) swarming across the country upsetting their philosophy that it is better to be a victim than to defend your rights, yourself or your family.

I see no nobility in being a victim. Pain, anguish, loss…yes. There is no nobility.

H.R. 38 exists to protect the average gun owner who makes a mistake, often …Read the Rest

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