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By Tom Knighton

Gun companies may not create the economic impact of some manufacturers, but they still create one. Yet some states seem to forget this when they start crafting gun laws. They never seem to account for the economic impact of these companies, nor how their laws will affect such firms. Frankly, they don’t seem to care one way or another.

However, the gun companies do, and a number of them are looking for new homes in friendlier climates.

High taxes and strict laws encourage gun manufacturers to abandon Connecticut, according to a new report published last month.

“It’s directly related to regulations,” said Mark Rydzy, owner of the Pauway Company, during an interview with the Connecticut Post in July. “Every time a new series of gun laws goes into effect, it ends up changing everything.”

Connecticut’s lawmakers passed 19 new firearm regulations in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, according to the report, including an ban on semiautomatic rifles and bump stocks. Despite the legislative crackdown, federal data shows gun companies nearly doubled in the state between 2012 and 2016. Colt Manufacturing Company and Sturm, Ruger and Company — two of the most high-profile gun …Read the Rest

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