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By Tom Knighton

Part of the effort following the Parkland shooting has been to register young voters and get them to turn out for the 2018 midterms. The thinking is that 18-year-olds might make enough of a difference that pro-gun legislators will be ousted in favor of pro-gun control lawmakers.

The March For Our Lives featured numerous people registering voters, but it seems the effort isn’t even close to over.

Gun control advocates are planning to send birthday packages to newly turned 18-year-olds in 10 states where they believe pro-gun lawmakers are vulnerable. Inside each: a voter registration form.

The effort is part of a teen voter sign-up campaign aimed at electing a gun control-friendly Congress in November by seizing the momentum of a movement driven by young people shaken by gun violence, organizers told Reuters.

“I think young people are going to make a huge difference in this election, and the new energy we’re seeing is going to tip the scales in a number of races,” said Isabelle James, political director for Giffords, which advocates more restrictive gun laws.

The campaign, “Our Lives, Our Votes,” combines the efforts of Giffords and two other groups following last month’s massive rallies inspired by the deadly February …Read the Rest

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