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By Ammoland

Dan Wos

By Dan Wos

Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

USA – -( Although the corona crisis has caused many people to come together and show their compassion for their fellow man, it has simultaneously brought out the worst in others. With America on lock down, domestic violence on the rise and some states letting criminals out of prison, some state officials are using executive orders to prevent good people from defending themselves.

According to a study by Gary Kleck, a Florida Criminologist, guns are used defensively, 2.5 million times per year in America. In other words, guns potentially save 2.5 million lives per year, most often without a shot even being fired. 46% of those lives saved are women. In times of crisis it would appear that some state offices are playing for the wrong team when it comes to the safety of the American citizens who employ them.

Reports came out recently that people were flocking to gun shops so they too could have the leverage they might need in a time of crisis. Gun stores reported lines up to four hours long just to get into the building. Ironically, many of …Read the Rest

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