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By Robert Farago

Target (courtesy

“I was given a 10-minute induction, and then we took four guns into the range,” British photographer Jane Hilton reports at, “a pump-action shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle, a Glock [police-issue pistol] and a .44 Magnum revolver, which is what Clint Eastwood used in Dirty Harry. I was terrified, especially when they told me you must never pick up a gun and turn around to talk to someone. My hand was shaking. I’d never held a gun in my life, and I couldn’t believe someone would give me live ammunition.” And here’s how Ms. Hilton chose to present “American gun culture” to her hoploophobic homies in The Land of Hope and Glory . . .

The experience gave Hilton an idea for a different sort of shoot. She cultivated the owners of the range, and made several further visits to take photographs. But she didn’t photograph the club’s patrons – she felt that had been overdone. Instead, she photographed the targets after they had been shot up.

“On that first visit, I couldn’t believe the poster targets. They were extraordinary, non-PC targets, all beautifully done – characters that looked like Muslims, a thuggish-type burglar, a man …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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