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By Greg Camp

Anti-Gun Billboard Illustrates Why We Must Protect All Rights
Anti-Gun Billboard Illustrates Why We Must Protect All Rights

Fayetteville, AR-( A billboard in Charlotte, NC demonstrates the intersectionality of attacks on rights in America. The message, posted by the North Carolina Council of Churches, quotes the second item in the most popular list of Ten Commandments, seeking to remind Tar Heels that the worship of idols is forbidden while claiming that guns are treated as objects of religious devotion.

The concept of intersectionality usually shows up in discussions of race, sexual orientation, physical ability, and other characteristics that result in persons being subjected to multiple forms of bigotry. But this kind of thinking can be translated to other topics. One of my objections to demands for universal background checks, for example, is that mandating that in law poses a challenge both to the Second and the Fourth Amendments. This element of the gun control agenda seeks to require a permission slip for exercising gun rights and undermines privacy by allowing the government to collect yet more data about our personal interactions.

What the billboard does is create an intersection of gun rights and the separation of religion and state. Its purpose is to advocate policy on the basis of doctrine.

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