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By G&A Staff


As an instructor of long-range shooting, I have noticed several issues that tend to resurface with each class. One is the problem of a shooter canting his rifle.

Most people will argue that their rifle is not canted, when in reality it is, so the immediate task is to determine whether the reticle is indeed canted. First, purchase a level and properly mount it. Once you have placed a level on your gun and you’re at the range, place the reticle on target. Level the reticle to your eye, then check the level for cant to see how well you did. If you were on a flat shooting platform and on a flat range, I would expect that most shooters would do pretty well. However, I’ve seen more than one shooter surprised at the amount of cant present on a rifle when he felt level at the time.


The first step to correct this problem is to buy a good level for your rifle. There is a large selection of levels available. Some are fairly cheap, while others are rather expensive. Be careful, as some of the models are so nonsensitive that you can cant the level nearly three degrees before the …Read the Rest

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