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By Tom Knighton

A couple of weeks back, I suggested a handgun as the ideal first gun for a neophyte prepper. Maybe folks got hung up on the word “prepper” a bit too much, I don’t know, but it seemed that most folks tended to have a different opinion on what the ideal weapon was.

Fair enough.

While I understood the people suggesting .22 long rifle weapons–hey, seriously, low recoil makes for a more pleasant training environment–most suggested things like shotguns. However, I argue that you’re going to get far more use out of a handgun than anything else. It’s prepping for what they’re most likely to need, rather than the worst case scenario.

You can fill in for the rest later, in my opinion.

Today, I feel at least a little vindicated since Greg Ellifritz suggests handguns as first guns too.

It’s true that in a short range gunfight, a shotgun is certainly more effective than a handgun and arguably more effective than even a rifle. There is a small allowable margin of error in aiming afforded by the spread of the pellets, but it is far less than what most people think.

Even with these admirable qualities, I don’t think the shotgun is the …Read the Rest

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