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By Michael Csencsits

GOA-Backed Bill Becomes Law in Georgia
And now there are 25!
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R)
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) today signed Constitutional Carry legislation into law, making the Peach State the twenty-fifth state to abolish the need for carry permits.
GOA rallied our grassroots members multiple times urging each legislative chamber and the governor to support permitless carry.
Now, exactly half of the country has embraced Constitutional Carry, and the momentum isn’t slowing down.
Four states have enacted GOA-backed Constitutional Carry laws this year. The first three were Alabama, Ohio and Indiana.
Florida also appears to be close to passing Constitutional Carry, potentially bringing the total number of states to twenty-six. Stay tuned!

Nearly Half of America’s State Attorneys General Support GOA on Bump Stock SCOTUS Petition
Erich Pratt (second from left) joins GOA’s “Dream Team” of attorneys outside the federal court building in Cincinnati, prior to GOA’s official appeal to SCOTUS.
Gun Owners of America (GOA) received support from 22 State Attorneys General last week with an amicus brief in favor of GOA’s Supreme Court petition challenging the reclassification of a bump stock as a machine gun.
GOA filed a petition last month for Writ of Certiorari in the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) challenging the ATF’s 2018 reclassification of bump

Source: Gun Owners of America

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