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By Matt

When the study is conducted by an organization whose goal is more and stricter gun laws, you should have a good idea what the results will be.

I fired up the old computer this morning while I was brewing my coffee after a late night of working patrol, and once I had my first cup in hand, I sat down and began to peruse Facebook like I do every other day. Right at the top of my feed I see a WaPo article that was shared by both friends and pages I follow alike. Considering it is the Washington Post, and that the article was on the topic of firearms, I was not surprised to see that all the comments about the article were negative. In fact, it was Emily Miller who prompted me to write this when she said “Who wants to respond to the story in the Washington Post?” Seeing as I actually enjoy dissecting the propaganda they routinely spew, and because I am specifically trained in, and a court recognized expert of, the topic they chose to tackle, I figured “Hey, I’m game!”

First, let me apologize for the length of this, but in order to address all the points in this article, it was necessary. Secondly, let me start by saying that, while I …read more

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