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By Tom Knighton

Proponents of smart guns don’t listen.

Well, they don’t listen to people who oppose smart guns, anyway.

Granted, I already knew this, but every so often something comes up that reminds me of how little smart-gun proponents listen to opponents on the topic.

You know, things like this.

People on both sides of the gun control debate can at least agree safer guns are a good thing — can’t they?

After all, what’s wrong with a gun that sets off an alarm and sends a text if it’s moved? Or needs the user’s thumbprint to operate? Or only fires when a user wearing a tiny electronic ID tag picks it up?

Plenty, according to some users, especially police officers, who say they need speedy, reliable access above anything else. Some also believe any government attempts to require smart-gun technology infringes on gun rights.

Still, it’s the hope of Don’t Stand Idly By — a movement promoting safer weapons that might reduce gun thefts, suicides and accidents that claim the lives of tens of thousands of Americans every year — that law enforcement can back the same cause without taking sides.

“Our campaign has nothing to do with mandates,” the group’s Erin Stilp said.”It’s about products that …Read the Rest

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