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By Rob Morse

child fantasy

By Rob Morse : Opinion

Another Gun-Control Fantasy Just to Make US Feel Better
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

USA –-( I remember watching Disney as a child. As an adult I find reality more interesting and entertaining than fantasy. Not everyone feels that way.

Today, lots of us ask for 144 character solutions. That is too bad. These faux answers might sooth our conscience, but they seldom work out well. For example, this week I read some crime reports where we disarmed the victims rather than the bad guys.

Look at these examples and put yourself in their situation.

You and your wife arrive home just before midnight. You park in your driveway and start to get out of your car. A man runs out of the darkness and says, “give it up.” Your attacker has a gun pointed at your wife. You’re on the driver’s side of the car and you reach for your gun. The attacker shoots you, and then grabs your wife’s purse. You shoot your attacker. He runs and you call the police.

Your attacker was a convicted felon.

By law, convicted felons cannot legally possess guns. In theory, that gun law stopped armed …Read the Rest

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