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By Tom Knighton

On Wednesday, we posted about a young girl suing her school after he basically stomped all over her First Amendment rights, all because she supported the Second Amendment. Madison Oster is fighting back, as she should. In fact, her father–at the suggestion of Bearing Arms readers and commenters on Facebook–started a GoFundMe for people to contribute to Madison’s fight.

However, Madison isn’t the only teen fighting for their First Amendment right to defend the Second. Not by a long shot.

A Lodi, California teen is speaking out over the treatment she and other students received from a teacher for having the temerity to wear a National Rifle Association shirt.

An angry mother is speaking out after she says a Lodi High School history teacher targeted students wearing T-shirts advertising the National Rifle Association.

“She was basically being attacked in class,” said mother Charlene Craig.

Two sophomores were wearing the NRA shirts when they say they were singled out in class by their teacher, who started schooling them on why guns are bad.

It happened during history class on Friday.

“He basically yelled at her, telling her that she would be writing an essay if she disagreed with him.”

Craig says her …Read the Rest

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