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By Tom Knighton

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is a real piece of work.

Not only does she unilaterally decide that firearms created to comply with the state’s assault weapon ban are suddenly illegal without any legislative process, but now she feels that the state’s freedom of information laws don’t apply to her in the least.

As The Truth About Guns notes:

Healey is one of the 21 state attorneys general who are suing Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed in a prior restraint attempt to quash his free speech rights and prevent him from making his 3D gun files available via the Internet. The plaintiffs, Brent Carlton and Brandon Combs, wanted some information about the AG’s activities in that regard.

But Healey has denied the plaintiffs’ information request, ostensibly because she said it would tip her hand in her efforts to keep the scourge of 3D gun files off of the Internet. As far as Healey’s concerned, the state’s public records law simply doesn’t apply to her, not when there are more important considerations — like gun control and restricting First and Second Amendment rights — in play.

Now, most state information laws do provide a few exceptions. For example, personnel issues are often kept …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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