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By Robert Farago


TTAG commentator Andrew Stickler posted this underneath our post OMG! 666 GA Felons’ Gun Rights Restored! OMG!

I am a felon, since I was a kid. Hopefully, in about two more years, I will have my rights restored. I’ve already got my application prepared. I shouldn’t have the right to ever defend my family ? somebody mentioned shoving a girlfriend and getting a misdemeanor, Well, while drunk at a bar, I threatened a man, not with a gun, just threatened to fight him. He pulled out a knife . . .

and said he would stab me. So I busted a beer bottle on the table and told him fuck it lets do it, Mind you I had just turned 21 and was drunk, and still didn’t touch anyone.

I was arrested for felonious assault, for speaking, and went to prison for it, not jail, state penitentiary. Since then I got out, completed parole, almost finished school, started a business and had three kids, plus a dog.

You fucking serious, you think I should never have a gun, ever ? Never be able to hunt which I loved as a kid? Never defend my family or myself (and we live in Detroit, …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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