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By Chris Eger

A self-described “Dirtbag with a rifle” has been working on a few Kalshwood projects. Instagram user Kojot39 has been chronicling his work with a Dremel and pieces of aspen/poplar saplings to make AK forends over the past few weeks.
One of his earlier projects was a Romanian Dong-style front grip on an underfolder that looks pretty well finished compared to his more recent stuff.
Not bad. (Photos: Kojot39/Instagram)

The really primitive stuff, which looks like something you’d expect on a scratch-and-dent Spiker found in some third-world country, is the woodcraft done on his Draco.
Start with a Dremel and a piece of wood
“Fun little project, but it’s not staying,” he said. “Damn thing cracked on me when I using the chisel; I cheated and glued it back together.”
“Overall, the piece of wood was just a tad too big to be a good handguard, and nubs are kinda redundant since I index my thumb off the sling loop. Still ridiculous though, and that was kind of the point.”
#diyhandguard #dremelgunsmith #kalashwood

And yes, in typical Kalash fashion, even though it is brutally ugly, it still goes bang when you pull the trigger.

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