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By Tom Knighton

The media likes to pretend it’s an unbiased source of information that Americans can trust to present information neutrally. But it will lash out at claims of bias from those who support gun rights. Biased news organizations take it as a grievous insult when Second Amendment supporters claim their much-ballyhooed neutrality is a sham.

Then they turn around and have their editorial boards publish things like this:

“WE DON’T elect people to pray for us. We elect people to lead us.” The day after four of his officers were shot while on duty, that is what Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo had to say to politicians who offer up “thoughts and prayers” in the wake of tragic shootings. His scolding of elected officials who do absolutely nothing about the public-health epidemic of gun violence was well earned. It ought to shame Congress into finally enacting some sensible gun safety policies.

Mr. Acevedo made his comments last week as his officers recovered from injuries they received while executing a search warrant on a suspected drug house. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton, both prominent Republican opponents of gun control, issued the …Read the Rest

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