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By Patriot Outdoor News

It has to be excruciatingly painful for Moms Demand Action propagandist Shannon Watts to see a news report noting that trap shooting is the fastest-growing high school sport in Minnesota, and that interest in the sport is rapidly spreading to other states.

It has to be crushing to see that the mildly anti-gun parents that are her recruiting targets are utterly changing their minds after their eyes are opened to the fact that shooting is safe, empowering, and enjoyable.

At the championship, held at a range 130 miles northwest of the Twin Cities, contestants fired 12-gauge shotguns at inverted orange saucers flying 42 miles per hour. The five-person squads that came closest to exploding 100 targets in 100 tries advanced to the state tournament.

Zac Olson, 15, used a SKB Century III 12-gauge as a member of the Lakeville South High School team, which he joined after an injury ended a budding gymnastics career. “All you need to do is practice,” he said, wearing the team’s black-and-khaki vest. “You don’t have to be super fast or super strong.”

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