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By Joe Kriz

The sun is up but it is still a bitter December morning in the perched stand overlooking a corn feeder on Friday Ranch in San Saba, Texas. A Washington state native, Scott Smiley didn’t know it got this cold in the Lone Star State. Over the next few hours, Smiley follows and passes up a doe and four-by-zero that had shed one of its antlers. Not a betting man, Smiley tells himself he will take the next hungry visitor to the feeder and sets his sight on a young six-point buck . . .

Calm, cool and collected like he had learned in the Army, Smiley lines up his shot and pulls the trigger of his borrowed .308 rifle—bang! If it were not for the others in the stand with him, Smiley never would have known his shot had found its target.

After all, Maj. Scott Smiley is blind.

While serving in Iraq on April 6, 2005, Scott Smiley’s life changed forever when a car bomb detonated near his Stryker vehicle. Shrapnel from the blast took a direct path to his head, shredding his left retina and severing the optical nerves on the right side …Read the Rest

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