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By gunwriter Gun guys are also knife guys. Well, at least all the gun guys I know. Guns and knives go together like bikini tops and bottoms. On the floor or on a super model, they belong together. I have a drawer full of knives; lots of knives. And, I like them all. Some are special and others are just sharp. The special ones are like the Randall my wife bought me years ago. It has been all over the world with me. Another special knife is the one Len Waldron crafted to commemorate our first safari together. Then there’s the nasty blade my best friend built for me using the antlers of my first red stag as scales. Sheriff Jim Wilson gave me a MooreMaker while we were at Gunsite a few years back. I can’t keep it sharp because it lives on my desk and I use it all that time. Maybe the most special blade I own is the old Case Stockman that belonged to my Grandfather. I can remember sitting under a shade tree with Grandpa, while he sliced apples for us, while cussing the bugs, and while trying to manage the gnat smoke. But none of these …read more

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