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By Kristin Alberts

Per a SHOT Show release, “Winchester Repeating Arms has been redefining the firearms industry since 1866, and this year is no exception.” Why is that, you may ask? This year of 2019 is a grand one for Winchester, with not only the introduction of an entirely new caliber, but multiple new guns, ammunition lines, and for those nostalgic fans, a few modern retakes on old original Winchester long guns. takes a look at what’s new.
The .350 Legend

The grandiose announcement at SHOT is Winchester’s new Legend caliber. Ballistics indicate the new .350 Legend to have significantly more energy than both the .300 Blackout and .30-30 Win, with less recoil than both the .30-30 and .243 Win. Its straight-wall case design is of immediate interest to hunters, as a legal caliber in 47 states. Further, Winchester touts the Legend as the fastest straight-wall round on the market. A wide range of ammunition will release simultaneously with the rifles. Offerings in ammo styles and weights cater to hunters, with bullet weights from 145 to 265-grains. The .350 Legend will be available solely on the XPR line of bolt action rifles, but we expect more news soon.
The Wildcat Rimfire

If a new caliber wasn’t


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