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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

An 8-Point Buck Becomes the Pitchfork Buck with Ronald “Bubba” Belk
An 8-Point Buck Becomes the Pitchfork Buck with Ronald “Bubba” Belk

Whitetail Deer and the Hunters Who Take Big BucksU.S.A.-( On many deer hunts, bucks appear, disappear, vanish within range or may be too far away to take the shot. A deer hunt can be a roller coaster ride of emotion, and that’s what happened to Ronald “Bubba” Belk of Sheridan, Montana, when he went after the Pitchfork Buck with the film crew of “The Bucks of Tecomate” TV Show.

In 2014, Belk hunted deer in southeastern Kansas with Larry Ellis, the outfitter of Extreme Wildlife Adventures ( – 405-545-2129) of Hinton, Oklahoma. Also in camp were David Morris and some cameramen from “The Bucks of Tecomate” TV show ( during the first week of the Kansas muzzleloader season. “Larry Ellis had trail-camera pictures of a nice shooter whitetail feeding in a milo field, just before daylight, that he had named the Pitchfork Buck, because both sides of his rack with their long tines looked like pitchforks,” Belk explains. “But from the picture we couldn’t tell exactly how big the …Read the Rest

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