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By Bruce F

The Critical Defense line from Hornady was created for concealed carry pistols that typically have barrels that are shorter than service length pistols. The entire line has been optimized for short barrel pistols and features nickel plated brass for corrosion resistance and slick feeding. Propellent powder is low flash to protect night vision and also generates lower felt recoil. The FTX bullet has a red polymer plug inserted into the hollow point cavity during production that aids in expansion when the bullet is fired into heavy clothing barriers like denim or leather.

This is one of those tests I’ve wanted to do for a long time. As a newbie to 10mm, I wanted to set up a controlled test to see the terminal performance differences between 10mm and 9mm when both were fired from barrels less than 4 inches in length. After securing handguns in 10mm and 9mm with similar barrel length, I had to decide which ammunition to test. I opted for Critical Defense because it is very popular, I had it on hand, and Hornady only makes one load in each caliber. With a box of each in hand, it was …read more

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